OKT Silo Trailer PS122 38-40 Fuel Tanker LGBF



TANKER TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OPERATION AREA : Transportation of diesel, benzene, jet a1 and miscellaneous oil TANK CODE : LGBF / Class 3 COMMERCIAL CAPACITY : ~ 36.500 lt. GEOMETRIC CAPACITY : ~ 38.000 lt. COMPARTMENTS : 5 (five) TEST : After completion of production the tank is tested at 0,5 bar. Leakage test & calibration. CHASSIS : Aluminum monoblock chassis reinforced with stiffening plate and stiffeners to preventing any cracking both in body and chassis. BODY SHAPE : Conical construction, sheet thickness min. 5 mm; made of aluminum alloy using automatic robot welding (according to ADR norms). The necessary points of body and chassis construction will be reinforced. BAFFLE : All baffles Min. 5 mm aluminum alloy. SURGE PLATE : Min. 5 mm aluminum alloy. BATH TUBE : 2 x 1 1/2 " outlet at the bottom of the rear emptying taps with a 1 1/2 " exit tap at the proper angel. A second bath is located underneath the rear main line, drained by a 1 1/2 " tap. BOTTOM LOADING SYSTEM : To each independent compartment one manhole cover with ADR certificate is assembled, loading is possible through bottom and top loading. MENHOLE COVER : For each compartment 500 mm diameter, standard 20" including 10" filling entrance, with standard vacuum pressure with ADR certification protection cover included. DIP STICK : For each compartment. BOTTOM VALVES : 4" pneumatic operated bottom valve pressure compensated with ADR certificated. API COUPLING (IN CABINET) : 4" mechanical operated, bottom loading API adaptor with the dust cap and sight class. API ADAPTOR (IN CABINET) : 1 unit 4'' to 3'' API adaptor with cam-lock discharge arm. VAPOUR VALVE (IN CABINET) : 3" pneumatically operated vapor circulation valve with fire-proofing protector, located in loading cabinet with the dust cap. VAPOUR RECOVERY VALVE : Over the all manhole cover with ADR certification. SOCKET FOR OPTIC SENSOR : Bottom loading electronical connection 10 pins with ADR certification. OPTICAL LEVEL SENSOR : Over the manhole cover with ADR certification level sensor. PNEUMATIC BUTTONS : For each cell independent controlled pneumatic valves are available; these are valves mounted inside the loading cabinet in a row on one plate. It is equipped with air pressure, oil, gauge regulator and filter. DISCHARGE PIPES : 4" (inch) aluminum alloy discharge pipes mounted according to ADR regulations. DISCHARGE ELBOW : 4" (inch) and patent-registered discharge elbow mounted to the discharge pipes according to ADR regulations. EMERGENCY SHUT OFF : Air operated valve button for an emergency of bottom valves. Totally three units emergency buttons (two units are on the left and right side of the body, one unit is on the loading cabinet). DISCHARGE BOX : Keeps the bottom loading and discharge equipment, overall in right and left side 2 cover opens up vertical at 180º contains also one 3/4 spherical valve which is used for drainage and cleaning. Possesses a sealing and lockable arm. It is equipped with interlock system pneumatically operated that when the door is open, the brake becomes active. LADDER & WALKING PLATFORM : Allows climbing to the top of the tank from the rear side; the walking platform has an anti-skid surface; right and left hand side pneumatic controlled balustrade is mounted next to the platform and prevents falling down with a pneumatic control system. It is equipped with interlock system pneumatically operated that when the door is open, the brake becomes active. HOSE & CARRIER : 1 unit discharge hose DN 80 x 5 meters. (with female DN 80 both side camlock), 2 units hose carrier with lock system. GROUNDING DRUM : Static discharge- mounted on the rear right tanker side about 15 m length self-spring return made reel craft g-5030 type or its equivalent grounding copper nipples mounted on each tanker side and on the electrical connection bridge for grounding cable connection two holes on the grounding nipples. SEALING POSITION : Manhole cover, flanges, discharge box can be sealed with its mechanism. CHASSIS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TRUCK HEAD : Suitable for 4x2 (if not, please, indicate) FIFTH WHEEL HEIGHT : 1.250 mm (if not, please, indicate) KING PIN : 2" (JOST)

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