Silo OKT STF 34



BODY TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OPERATION AREA : Transportation of bulk cement. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : L = 10460 mm / W = 2550 mm / H= 3900 mm CAPACITY VOLUME : 34 m³ EMPTY WEIGHT : 4.600 kg ±5% (shows difference depending on equipment chosen) TEST PRESSURE : 3,0 bar WORKING PRESSURE : 2,0 bar TEST : After completion of production the tank is tested at 3 bar. Leakage test & calibration. BODY SHAPE : In compliance with ad 2000 design standard, W type design with multi output, high strength, import, special alloyed aluminum material meets 97/23 EC. BODY THICKNESS : Min. 4,75 mm ALCOA aluminum alloy. AIR LINE : Tank pressure manometer - pressure valve - compressor pressure manometer safety valve adjusted to 2,5 bar and Aluminum Storz couplings, at Front - Rear of the line. COMPRESSOR : Without compressor and compressor platform. (if not, please, indicate) LOADING SYSTEM : Top loading system, through 2 pcs. Manhole covers (500 mm). According to DIN norms; turning type hinges Ø480 mm. The body is designed as two Self-Directed section. DISCHARGE : Discharge pneumatically operated with AKO discharge valve through one 4" spherical valve discharge rate according to the chosen air compressor and 3" check valve side airline removable non return valve on the rear. CHASSIS : Aluminum monoblock chassis reinforced with stiffening plate and stiffeners to preventing any cracking both in body and chassis. LADDER & WALKING PLATFORM : Aluminum ladder allows climbing to the top of the tank from the rear side; the walking platform in left hand side has an anti-skid surface; pneumatic controlled balustrade is mounted next to the platform and prevents falling down with a pneumatic control system according to UVV norms. It is equipped with interlock system pneumatically operated that when it is open, the brake becomes active. HOSE & CARRIER : 1 units discharge hose DN 100 x 5 meters with Storz Coupling 2 units hose carrier with locking system in both sides CHASSIS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TRUCK HEAD : Please, indicate FIFTH WHEEL HEIGHT : 1.250 mm (if not, please, indicate) KING PIN : 2" (JOST) (if not, please, indicate) LANDING FOOT : Telescopic, double speed, carry cap. 25 tons (BPW) AXLE : 3 x 9 ton capacity BPW German origin Disc brake axles AXLE LIFTING : First axle automatic lifting SUSPENSION SYSTEM : Air suspension system with parabolic leaf spring (set on axle) TIRES : Dia : 385 / 65R / 22.5 Brand : Bridgestone Pcs : (6+1) RIMS : Dia : 11,75 / 22,5 Brand : Aluminum Pcs : (6+1) BRAKE SYSTEM : ECE R13 regulation, pneumatic brake system, 2S2M EBS brake system (WABCO) ELECTRIC SYSTEM : ECE R48 regulation, two 7-pins, one 15-pins electrical sockets 24V installation according to EEC standards PAINT : 2 coats epoxy primer (undercoat), 2 coats final paint are applied. Body color: ..... Color code: ..... STANDART ACCESSORIES : 2 units plastic chock 1 unit spare tire holder 1 unit pneumatic load control manometer Necessary warning plates and writings (upon request) 1 unit toolbox hidden at the rear 1 unit working projector light 2 units top cover gasket 6 units half plastic mudguards at the rear with anti-spray Underrun Protections Aluminum at both sides Reflectors at rear and sides

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